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"I just met you, and this is douchey, but here's my card...": So 'Call Me Maybe' business cards are, like, a Thing now?

When the first card hit the internet, the owner got "hundred of texts" in one day

If quoting pop song lyrics to girls at bars was a surefire panty dropper guys would have been asking chicks if they could hit them baby, just one time, or rub some genies out of their bottles years ago.

And yet. Since Canadian pop tart Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" blew up the interwebz (53,357,025 views at the time of this post -- that's a lot for a singer who nobody knew existed until Justin Bieber and his brat pack of teen stars let us all know what was up) and exploded into our collective cerebellums like so much sonic cotton candy - tastes so good going down, makes you feel so bad later. And by bad, of course, I mean, FUCKING GREAT -- inventive dudes have adopted a whole new take on the pick-up line: "Call Me Maybe" business cards. No, but, for real.

According to online printing company Vistaprint, (a Netherlands-based company whose US Operations and North American Business Unit Head Office is based in Lexington, MA) it's become something of a phenomenon. Vistaprint filled the very first order, for a guy from Connecticut named Kyle who "was listening to the lyrics and I was like, this would be a good pick up line. I told it to my buddies and they were like, you should get a business card." [via theatlanticwire] Good story, bro. Kyle tried out the card on some girl at a bar who, in turn, took a picture of it and, obviously, put it on internet. Reddit picked up the scent and the rest is not-so-ancient history.

A Vistaprint rep says they started seeing orders with requests for personal business cards printed with the lyrics "I just met you, and this is crazy but here's my number [insert actual phone number] so call me maybe" mid-February of this year. (Bieber and company's - sort of, definitely, awesome lip sync/dance party tribute video hit YouTube on February 18). Since then, Vistaprint has filled approximately 150 orders for "Call Me Maybe" cards, with requests spiking at around 70 separate orders last month. And sure, 150 card orders is small potatoes compared to 50-odd million YouTube hits, but consider the product. These are adults. Ordering and paying for business cards printed with a quote from a singer whose average fan is more likely to use flash cards to learn fractions than business cards to get laid. Who are these dudes (and probably a few need to discriminate when it comes to unapologetic sleaziness/cheesiness) trying to pick up anyway?

But order they are, and in no small quantities. Vistaprint says that the average "Call Me Maybe" order is for 250 cards. Talk about casting a wide net. And, for a limited time (very limited, probably, the shelf life of a gimmick like this has to be about as long as a 7th grade romance) you too can get in on the action. Vistaprint is currently offering a promotion wherein you can buy 250 CMM cards for just ten bucks. That's about the cost of buying a cocktail (or a couple of milkshakes, depending) for just one prospective hook-up.

Or you could take a cue from these Harvard baseball players and see how that works out for you.

Sadly, we don't have any statistics for how many guys are actually having sex as a direct result of slipping a card to some lucky lady, though it's hard to imagine it's a very high number. Maybe some awkward handjobs at best. How much longer this will be a Thing is also unclear. As long as the damn song is still spinning in our heads, maybe. Which could actually be a long time.


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