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Deep Heaven Now returns in April: MMOSS, Young Adults, the Sunshine Factory & more

One of the best things to happen in 2010 was Jinsen Liu of 28 Degrees Taurus resurrecting the late-'90s Deep Heaven festivals, tacking a "Now" at the end of the moniker and creating a bi-annual two-day, two-venue event of psych and ambient rock n' roll. The third installment, the appropriately titled DEEP HEAVEN NOW 3, returns the weekend of April 15 and 16 with 27 bands across two stages in Somerville's Union Square, PAs Lounge and Precinct. One $10 admission price gets you into both venues each day.

There's the usual slate of top-notch Boston acts -- Class of 2011's MMOSS and Young Adults, Ghostbox Orchestra, Guillermo Sexo, This Car Up -- but Liu spiced things up last year by welcoming select out-of-towners, notably Minnesota's Gospel Gossip and NYC's the Vandelles, and this time around, the Phoenix has blown its blog load over the inclusion of Alabama trio the Sunshine Factory, whose debut album Sugar we blew a print load over late last year. (We did kinda nag organizers about getting them on a Deep Heaven Now bill, so we're just psyched it all worked out)

Here's the full lineup, followed by the pitch from Liu himself, as well as some additional Sunshine Factory videos because, well, hey, they're the best thing to come out of Alabama since Zelda Fitzgerald.

Day 1: Friday, April 15
Stage 1 - Precinct / Stage 2 - PA's Lounge

12:30am - Ghost Box Orchestra / 12am - MMOSS
11:30pm - Second Day Venom / 11pm - Herbcraft (ME)
10:30pm - The Curious Mystery(WA) / 10pm - The Diamond Center (VA)
9:30pm - To The Wedding / 9pm - Fedavees
8:30pm - Sharp Darts USA / 8pm - Narcoterror

Day 2: Satuday, April 16
Stage 1: - Precinct / Stage 2 - PA's Lounge

12:30am - 28 Degrees Taurus / 11:30pm - Young Adults
11pm - This Car Up (reunion) / 10:30pm - Empty Shapes (DE)
10pm -The Sunshine Factory (AL) / 9:30pm - Hadoken
9pm - Roh Delikat / 8:30pm - Sri Aurobindo (MD)
8pm - Autochrome / 7:30pm - Guillermo Sexo
7pm - The Sky Drops (DE) / 6:30pm - Concord Ballet Orchestra Players
6pm - Quilty (NY) / 5:15pm - Brooklyn Raga Association (NY)
5pm - Asyna Asayn
4pm - Thundersun
3pm - Black Fortress of Opium

From Liu: Highlights from Night 1 include The Curious Mystery off of the K Records Label travelling all the way from Seattle, WA as well as Sharp Darts featuring three former members of Lockgroove who were an integral part of the original Deep Heavens of the '90s. Headlining the night on Stage 1 is Ghost Box Orchestra who got chosen represent Boston at Austin Psychfest this year! And of course MMOSS who were in the the Phoenix last month as 11 bands to watch out for this year.

Highlights from Night 2 include two headliners: This Car Up's reunion show as well as Young Adults, both from Allston... The Sunshine Factory coming all the way up from Alabama as well as the Brooklyn Raga Association bringing with them their transcendental sitar, tabla, woodwind & vocal raga music.... Too many highlights to list... (28 Degrees Taurus is the official DHN "house band," not a headliner). This event is sponsored by Narragansett beer and WZBC 90.3 Flyweight.

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  • jinsen said:

    thats the fb event link... for more info

    February 9, 2011 9:25 PM

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