bestnom1000x50 Interviews Solar's Baby Mama About GURU


Props to Jake Paine from Hip-Hop DX for scoring (and transcribing) this remarkable interview with Solar's baby mama, who worked extensively with 7 Grand. It's a heart-breaking read, but holy shit is there a lot in here (excerpt below with link at the end)...

DX: Right. These guys weren't just studio rats, so to speak. How close did it get, not in terms of it being a feud or anything, but you think there would have been contact with people that could get Guru's mind right, old peers... Tasha Denham: Honestly, pretty much, they kept themselves secluded from the Hip Hop world. They did not go out in New York City very often at all. It was a very rare occurrence, after Guru stopped drinking, that they would go out in New York. It wasn't because of Guru's drinking that they stopped going either. When Guru stopped drinking, when he decided to stop drinking, he stopped drinking. Solar drinks Corona [beers] every single day. Solar would send Guru to the store to buy his Coronas for him. When Guru stopped drinking, he stopped drinking. Guru could have a bottle in his house, he wasn't gonna drink it. He made that decision. When they toured, he was in nightclubs every night. He stopped drinking. I truly believe that...Solar made it that "there's so much hate out there for us. Being New York, Premier and them are out there, blah, blah, blah." So they didn't go. They didn't even take shows in New York most of the time. There was always an excuse. Shows in Boston, there was always an excuse as to why they weren't gonna do that show. All the tracks that had [featuring artists], they were all sent [to Guru and Solar]. They didn't do those in the studio, personally, with any of those artists. I cannot speak of one single artist that was actually in the studio with them. Most of the time, it was all through management, so on and so forth. So there weren't any opportunities for other artists to help bridge that gap because first of all, if Guru ever had the opportunity, Solar was standing right there. Guru was never around anyone in the industry without Solar standing right next to him. He never did an interview unless Solar was right there. If somebody was to say, "Yo Guru, when's there gonna be another Gang Starr album?" Guru would just knock it down right away, because if that got brought up and that became an issue, it would be become a [problematic issue] between him and Solar. Guru and I spoke privately about who was that one person who could help give us that one hit for 7 Grand. He and Fat Joe were always really close, back in the day, and that was one of the people I know he thought about reaching out to. I can't say that he ever did, out of fear that Solar wouldn't agree with it, and Solar would find a reason not to, and it would become a problem again.


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