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2008: The Year When the Crap Hit the Fan


I recap 2008 in this week's Phoenix:

For a good metaphor of the year experienced by Rhode Island in 2008, consider the economic-development summit called by Governor Carcieri in November.

On the surface, the notion of seeking fresh thinking about the Ocean State's deteriorating economy was eminently reasonable. Then again, the governor's critics wished he would have pursued this avenue a year (or more) earlier, rather than centering much of his second-term bully pulpit on the hot button of illegal immigration.

This emphasis gained the governor national face time on The O'Reilly Factor and further endeared him to his conservative base. Yet at the end of the day, his approval rating remained diminished — a seeming reflection of the lack of overall progress toward fulfilling the cheery vision that Carcieri winningly outlined as a first-time candidate in 2002.

Proponents of a pox on both houses can point to the General Assembly, barely few of whose members deigned to attend the governor's economic-development summit, indicating to some an utter lack of engagement with the state's most pressing issues.

Then again, politics can be a very personal business. So considering how Carcieri routinely turned to talk-radio to fire rhetorical fusillades against the Democratic-dominated legislature (and how this might have played some small role in the defeat of Senate President Joseph A. Montalbano, by a governor-supported independent), the General Assembly rank-and-file wasn't about to rush to play ball with the Republican.

To sum it all up: even though Rhode Island's need for greater economic development couldn't be more obvious — as demonstrated by how the state eclipsed Michigan late in the year as the nation's unemployment rate leader — other things once again got in the way. Welcome to the More it Changes, the More it Stays the Same state.

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