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Anna G. has a brand new bag


Brown alum Anna Galland, formerly the gracious and good-humored local program director for the American Friends Service Committee, is now working for Via the organization's outreach, she sent word of the following event:

The most important election in a generation is less than 100 days away. Will you join a new group in Providence to help stop John McCain and elect Barack Obama?

At a party this weekend, Providence MoveOn members are getting together to form a new local MoveOn Council. Between now and November, this Council will join with others around the country to hold house parties and rallies, reach out to undecided voters, and get our message into the media.

It's a great way to meet other local progressives—and we'll make sure it's fun AND effective.

If you might be interested, please come to the party! Here's the information:

Host: Nate L—fellow MoveOn member
Where: Second Floor Apartment on Doyle Ave (in Providence)
When: Sunday, Aug. 10, 2008, at 6:00 PM

Anna had moved a few years back to Portland, Oregon, to continue her organizing efforts. This article in the Nation describes her belief in MoveOn and its appeal.

"Before I joined MoveOn," says staffer Anna Galland, "I was organizing in Rhode Island doing faith-based antiwar activism. In March 2003, MoveOn had put out an action alert for a vigil against the Iraq War. There were 500 people on the steps of the Capitol, and I remember thinking, 'I know all the activists in the state; where did all these people come from?' I think many people have a MoveOn moment where they look around and realize that this organization has managed to tap into a much broader range of people than they might have seen at past activist events."

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