The Elusive Foul Ball

True story: N4N, who has never landed a foul ball through many years of attending professional baseball games, had a premonition that his catch would come during Monday's Sox game against the Cleveland Indians.

It was a beautiful night, it was great to have the chance to welcome back Trot, and to cheer Youk's insider-the-park home run, and my seat in rightfield box 95 was well-suited for grabbing an errant baseball. Sure enough, around the second or third inning, a ball came flying out of the batter's box, kicked off the second tier around first base, and bounded right into the eager hands of a guy sitting ONE ROW in front of me.

I had also had a premonition last year that Ortiz's 50th home run would make its way to me. As it happened, the ball was smacked on a straight line to my perch in the center field bleachers, but fell about eight rows short. (In fairness to Papi, he would have had to have hit the ball 450+ feet for it to make its rightful landing.)

So close, but so far. 

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