Hardly Illogical: Leonard Nimoy Day, November 14

Hizzoner hath decreed it: November 14 is Leonard Nimoy Day.

Why? Well, as loyal Museum of Science visitors know, he grew up three blocks from here. (Seriously, folks, if you haven't seen Nimoy's "Who put the bomp?" intro to an MoS IMAX film, you should probably have your New Englander license revoked. So get on that.) Also, he's holding court with the geek hordes over at the New England Fan Experience convention downtown.

From the official proclamation: "Boston native Leonard Nimoy first appeared on national television’s Star Trek series as Spock in 1963, and now has 45 years later, returned to that character in a film of the same name; and ... Leonard Nimoy has returned to Boston this weekend." Which is all the excuse this city needs to put the official Spock stamp on their calendars -- after all, they've got a hair-trigger threshold when it comes to these things.

Recently, Phoenix contributor Rob Turbovsky was able to get Nimoy on the phone for a brisk Vulcan mind meld, traversing such subjects as "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins," Three Men and a Baby, and the Spock-Obama connection (a topic Peter Keough explored back when the new Trek film warped into theaters). Our favorite quote:

"I’m aware of the comparisons [between Spock and Obama]. He’s got a tough, tough job. I don’t think he’d hoped or planned to be the president presiding over two wars and a severe economic crisis. There will be people sniping at him for what Dick Cheney referred to as 'dithering.' Well, for Christ’s sake, how about giving it some thoughtful process before you send thousands of kids to die?"

Read the full interview here: "Hot Vulcan."

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