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Aloisi attacks the Globe

You know today's Globe story about Carol Aloisi's questionable State House job? The one that caused great dismay over at Blue Mass. Group?

Well, Jim Aloisi--the state transportation secretary, Big Dig veteran, and brother of Carol--doesn't like what the Globe wrote. Or, it seems, the way the story played out at BMG. He posted a response there this evening, which includes the following:

Today's Globe story about my sister was filled with misleading and inaccurate information.  In short, [my sister] has worked for the House of Representatives with an unblemished record since 2003.  She has been a leader in the state Democratic party for many years.  She has never needed to call on me for help in getting a job or keeping a job.  She is, on her own accord, an intelligent, motivated and competent woman who was unfairly characterized by a legislator with whom she had a personal falling out last year. I don't want to get into the details here, but I do want to say that my sister has a strong work ethic and, since she left that legislator's office, has repeatedly and in writing asked for a prompt re-assignment. The Globe story was unfair and inaccurate and clearly designed to take a shot at me through her. That story was disgraceful. [emphasis added]

After reading Aloisi's comments, I went back to see if the Globe's Andrea Estes had given Jim and/or Carol Aloisi a chance to respond in today's piece. Here's what I found:

Aloisi declined to comment yesterday and said she was told to refer questions to the office of House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo. Her brother, who was appointed to lead the state's transportation agencies by Gov ernor Deval Patrick in December, also declined to be interviewed. 

Assuming this is correct, I have a somewhat obvious question: Why didn't Jim and/or Carol Aloisi address the allegations made in today's Globe before the paper went to press? 

I'd also note that these are very strong words for a member of Governor Patrick's administration to be directing at Boston's paper of record--especially if both Aloisis took a pass on commenting when given the chance.

  • aging cynic said:

    I had forgotten how much of a parallel universe BMG operates in. Change the "D" to "R" and ask yourself what the response would have been. Excruciating pain because the "historic" nature of the convention demanded it? This is a joke, right?

    March 18, 2009 12:07 AM
  • Deval Patrick Watch said:

    Taxpayer advocate/Mass. Turnpike Authority member Mary Connaughton on Patrick and the Pike. WHEN IT COMES to reform, numbers talk. That may be one of the reasons Governor Patrick's transportation team touts its legislation claiming $31 million already

    March 18, 2009 7:03 AM

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