• January 02, 2013
    By Peter Keough

    We must be at the end, because Harlan Jacobson could only come up with eight. Here's his and Brett Michel's.

    Harlan Jacobson's Eight Best Films of 2012

    1. Lincoln

    D: Steven Spielberg, W: Tony Kushner based on DK Goodwin's Team of Rivals

    With: Daniel Day Lewis, Sally Fields, David Strathairn (Secretary of State Seward), TL Jones (Thaddeus Stevens, R of PA, Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee)

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  • December 12, 2012
    By Peter Keough

    Though I was lukewarm about the film, you've got to be impressed with the way Spielberg's "Lincoln" uncannily mirrors the political situation today.Two warring parties, a lame duck congress, incendiary issues - the Constitutional amendment franchising the former slaves versus a compromise to avoid a fiscal cliff - and presidents who have presided over four years of national calamity.

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