It begins.

Number of Mad Decent Radio discs stuffed into CD sleeves by moi: 445
Hours that Bonde Do Role waited at Newark Airport's Terminal A: 14
People on tour bus, including Jimmy the driver: 13 (uh oh)
Bunk beds on said tour bus: 12
Minutes that it took the Brazilians to find the Jack Daniels on the tour bus: 10
Minutes I spent trying to get a wireless internet signal on the tour bus: 25
Time at which the Brazilians had to awaken today to get their Canadian visas: 5:45 AM

Buffalo tonight. The first show is exciting, obviously, but made even moreso 'cause them boys Capswell & Jonesington and Steve Kream are doing the unofficially official afterparty. You'll have to pardon the brevity of this first one, since there haven't really been any exciting developments/theatrics, unless you count Bonde being mildly annoyed (but still polite!) after waiting in the terminal without internet, cell phones or any way to know what time we were going to show up. In fact, everyone seems swell and charming. But isn't that what they all say?
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