BEST 2013: Best Place to Eat Your Veggies

Sometimes it feels like you can get a grass fed beef burger just about anywhere, but if you happen to be a grass fed person yourself, you're SOL. But vegetarian options in Boston abound...if you know where to look. From an elegant bistro in Somerville to a chromed-out retro diner in Cambridge, vedgeheads can delight in anything on the menus from the following nominees for Best Vegetarian Restaurant.


Grasshopper is an all-veggie Asian restaurant nestled in between like-minded eateries FoMu (vegan ice cream) and Peace o' Pie (vegan pizza) in Allston. Their menu encompasses all varieties of Asian food, including Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese and Thai food. With dishes that involve (tofu) "steak" and hearty Portobello mushrooms as their stars, vegetarians may even hope to fool their carnivorous friends. For those who prefer to keep it simple, though, there are plenty of classic mixed vegetable dishes, always made with fresh ingredients.


With a tagline like "Urban Oasis & Organic Café," it's hard to keep the crunchy granola person inside you from smiling. Life Alive caters to every imaginable alternative diet - vegan, gluten-free, and raw among them. But their offerings are delicious as well as nutritious, so omnivores need not be discouraged. Their smoothies are exotic and satisfying, with ingredients like avocado and kale on the savory side and mango and dates on the sweet side. Life Alive also offers an array of wraps, salads and hot dishes.


Red Lentil boasts what they call a "globally inspired" menu, with entrees ranging from gluten-free nachos, to butternut squash polenta, to beet-potato latkes. Even better, they recently added vegan wine and beer options to their menu. For the grand finale, they offer an array of gluten-free and/or vegan dessert options. Though it's a bit out of the way for those of us in the hub, the highly diverse menu is worth the trip.


If it seems unfair to you that those of us who wouldn't touch an expensive steak with a 10-foot pole don't get to enjoy as many upscale dining experiences as our meat-gnawing friends, you should check out Teele Square's True Bistro. The atmosphere, while friendly, is extremely elegant, with artwork from local artists on display inside. Their menu includes classics like spaghetti and French fries with fancy twists, and complex delicacies like a Vietnamese crepe. For dessert, it's tough to beat their vegan pumpkin cheesecake.


Unlike the other nominees, Vee Vee is not exclusively vegetarian - the restaurant offers an impressive variety of fresh seafood and local meats as well...if you're into that sort of thing. But if you're not, don't let that discourage you. Vegetarian treasures include stuffed squash (over Peruvian lima bean puree, served with a mushroom Bolognese) and Manchego potato croquettes.  


Veggie Galaxy is a vegan/vegetarian diner and bakery that can best be summed up as a mecca for herbivores. They have a vegetarian equivalent of every classic diner dish, including meat loaf, club sandwiches, and fish and chips. They serve their delicious breakfast all day and you can even watch them cook it - the friendly restaurant's grill is located just on the other side of the bar. Of course, that's all assuming you don't just stop right at the dessert case and fill up on vegan cakes, puddings, pies and milkshakes.

Eat your vegetables, and then get voting! And don't forget that if you don't see your fave veggie joint repped here, you can write it in!

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