BEST 2013: Best Yoga Studio to Get Your Om On

Eartha Harris, featured in Bodies by Boston 2013 

A typical day in the city is stressful. Whether it's doing battle for a seat on the T, sitting in rush hour traffic until the needle hits ‘E,' or simply weaving through tourists on packed downtown streets - we could all use a way to unwind. Of course, there's always drinking, but so much the better if your chosen method of relaxation is healthy for the body as well as the mind. Whether you've been rocking your Asana for years or you've just learned what a Downward Dog is, Boston is rife with yoga studios that can provide both a vigorous workout and a refreshing sanctuary. So vote your favorite in our 2013 readers' poll! Namaste.


Back Bay Yoga | Boston
Though Back Bay Yoga makes its unlikely home in the heart of downtown Boston (near the intersection of Arlington and Boylston streets), you might miss it if you didn't know it was there. But once you enter, you'll find three gorgeous studios, a friendly, helpful staff, and a small merchandise store. They also frequently offer deals for new yogis, college students, and more. Back Bay Yoga is affiliated with yoga and cycling studio Sweat & Soul Yoga, and you're in for a delightful and enriching experience each time you enter either place.  

Baptiste Power Yoga | Cambridge | Brookline
Named for founder Baron Baptiste, this brand of yoga is unlike any other. Power Yoga focuses on the physical and psychological benefits of yoga "without the mysticism and new-agey overtones." But if you think holding the spirituality discredits Baptiste as a yoga practitioner, think again. He spent four years keeping the Philadelphia Eagles (yes, we know - boo, hiss, GO PATS!) in prime condition, and if you visit one of his studios in our neck of the woods, his methodology will do the same for you.

Blissful Monkey | Jamaica Plain
If you visit Blissful Monkey's website, you will find the studio has but one rule: If you're not having fun, you're not doing it right! The studio boasts an array of instructors with unique styles and specializations, but what they have in common is a desire to make yoga accessible to virtually everyone. From the slightly out-of-shape beginners, to those that have long since made a mind-body connection through yoga, anyone looking for a warm and welcoming place to practice can find it here.

Dahn Holistic Fitness | Cambridge | Brookline
Ironically, Dahn yoga sets itself apart from other yoga styles by incorporating elements of all of them. More than a series of poses, Dahn classes can also feature meditative periods and brain exercises designed to keep your mind sharp and present while your body works. Although the practice itself is heavily based on Eastern traditions and philosophies, Dahn Holistic Fitness studios have popped up all over the country, providing a place to expand your knowledge as you get fit.

O2 Yoga Studios
| Somerville | Cambridge

Whatever your strengths, you can come to O2 to find your niche. With studios in Cambridge and in Somerville, O2 often offers classes centered around specialized topics, from multi-part series of classes designed for beginners, to classes that can help you perfect challenging poses like arm balances and inversions. The O2 experience is definitely versatile. The website hosts a vegan blog in addition to the yoga blog, and the studio even offers the option to book a massage after class. Om yeah!

Om Warrior | Boston
Om Warrior is the brainchild of Marc McDonald, who uses elements of martial arts to inform his yoga teachings and create a method that is "physically powerful and mentally peaceful." Students at Om Warrior will focus primarily on Vinyasa yoga, and most of the classes are taught by McDonald himself (we salute him - at the end of the day he must be very tired). All in all, Om Warrior is a unique, urban space with a fresh take on traditional yoga methods.

If you don't see your fave yoga studio repped here, don't forget to write it in! 

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