Meet the Mayor: Allston [revisited]

Welcome to "Meet the Mayor," a segment in which we interview local Foursquare Mayors in their natural habitats.

Allston (revisted)
Thomas Martin

Since we last spoke, you've remained mayor of seven different locations designated as "Allston." What's the deal?
The Meet the Mayor interview with me came out [last year], and all of a sudden people were like, "Hey, he shouldn't be mayor of Allston. I should be mayor of Allston!" More people were ousting me for a day. For a while, I had to have a spreadsheet to keep track, because if people got frustrated that I kept re-taking the mayorship, they would just start their own "Allston" location.

Remember when they found those naked, crying frat pledges wandering around Ashford Street while covered in condiments?
That sounds like a good party. I'm sorry I missed that. I had a friend who lived on Ashford for a while. We were hanging out in the kitchen, and it was one of those nights where there was a party at every other house. All these strangers were just letting themselves in going, "This party sucks!" not knowing that we were not, in fact, having a party.

Would Mr. Butch be proud of the current state of Allston?
I don't think he would notice. Allston is just sort of life's vicious cycle repeating itself every semester.

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