Meet the Mayor: The Framers' Workshop

Welcome to "Meet the Mayor," a segment in which we interview local Foursquare Mayors in their natural habitats.

The Framers' Workshop
Owen Williams

You got a big print of Brandon Bird's The Death of Jennifer Sisko framed. Why didn't you get a painting of a better-known Star Trek series?
My girlfriend is a huge Deep Space Nine fan, and she bought it for my birthday. DSN's long plot arc made it hard to follow when it aired, but it stands up really well. Before DVD and DVR and everything, if you missed an episode, you'd get totally lost.

I can talk about my experience at the shop, if you want.

Hmm, as I've been asking about Star Trek and Brandon Bird for 10 minutes, maybe that's a good idea.
It was cool. They have all the same frames, mats, and glass [that are at most framing shops], but they cut them to size, and you assemble the frame yourself. It gets done a lot quicker, and it's a lot cheaper.

Is something art just because you hang it on the wall?
If it's a wall in an art museum - yup, whatever you put up will be art. At home, there are things that aren't art; Pictures of your kids, a plasma TV. A coatrack isn't art, but if it's up in the MFA, suddenly it's a statement on our modern consumer reality.

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