Meet the Mayor: South End Buttery

Welcome to "Meet the Mayor," a segment in which we interview local Foursquare Mayors in their natural habitats.

South End Buttery
Sarah McManus

I see this isn't literally a buttery.
They don't make butter here, but they make plenty of treats, cookies, and their cupcakes are to die for. And their coffee, I think, is the best in town.

Butter: is it a tasty treat, or unnecessary calories?
Butter is a tasty treat. You've got to put butter on your bread.

What's the deal with the South End?
It's an eclectic mix of people. A lot of artists. A lot of moms. A lot of different kinds of characters strolling through here.

What's up with all the expensive dogs?
Yes, we are known for the dogs. There are some expensive-looking dogs, and they're very well groomed, but there are also some mutts mixed in there.

What's your opinion of shih tzus?  
Not my type of dog. I have two Boston terriers.

Would more people like shih tzus if they weren't basically called "shit"?
Possibly. That might be what's turning me off.

Can you think of anything you enjoy even though it has a disgusting name that doesn't relate to what it actually is?
How about ... calamari. It's octopus. "Octopus" is another nasty word.

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