EXCLUSIVE STREET ART ALERT: The Blank Administration Plasters Posters of Romney and Obama Money-Whoring Around Greater Boston

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It's been four days since more than two dozen buildings and public spaces across Boston, Cambridge, and beyond got smacked with posters of Mitt Romney and Barack Obama flashing cash like Biggie at a strip club. The life-size black-and-white images are hard to miss; from a lot near Malden High School to Jamaica Plain, both candidates appear to be laughing at the voting masses as a caricature lobbyist cracks a suitcase full of Benjamins.

The Phoenix touched base with the artist troupe behind these wheat-pasted marvels – collectively known, according to the posters, as the Blank Administration – for some background on their not-so-legal project. The premise and inspiration were rather obvious – both Republicans and Democrats are shameless whores with coffers full of ill-gotten gains. But we wanted to hear their spin on the story.

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“This is our first piece,” says a member of the Blank Administration who maintains anonymity. Their debut murals are untitled, they say, but the group generically refers to the work as “Obamney.” “We're speaking out against the two-party system. If you look at either individual, they are treating the economy in ways that are completely inappropriate. Even if we liked these candidates, which we don't, they have blatant conflicts of interest.”

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On their Tumblr and within the art itself, Blank Administration officials cite examples that speak to bipartisan depravity – news articles detailing Wall Street's control over the major parties, as well as reports of Romney and Obama's questionable ties to nefarious business interests. “When we look at both of these candidates,” says the Blank Administration spokesperson, "we say, 'Is this the best that they have?'”

Some posters have already been removed, including ones at the Novartis construction site outside of Kendall Square, and on Winter Street near Davis Square. To glimpse what's left, people can still check outside the Starlite Lounge in Somerville, on Micro Center in Cambridge, and by St. Mary's Court near Boston University. There's also one still stuck on an overpass near English High in Jamaica Plain, and another near the old Milky Way, though the latter's been defaced by partisan locals.

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“It was really interesting to see how people peeled off Obama and left just Romney standing there,” says the Blank Administration flack, who says there will be more campaigns in the near future. “This is disappointing – we see represented in this situation the same problem that we see in electoral politics. Some people want to ignore inconvenient facts about Obama and work to get him reelected. We say that with that false dichotomy, where we're actually faced with two choices that are equally bad, the American public cannot win.”

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