Boston, Obama, SCotus, and Health Care: a historic Monday in the hub?

It would have a kind of poetry to it, would it not?

The Supreme Court rules on Barack Obama's historic universal healthcare legislation on Monday - and the president just happens to be in Massachusetts, the state where his Republican reelection opponent, Mitt Romney, passed a precedent setting mandatory health care law. No matter the outcome of the decision, could you invent a better backdrop for the photo op?

There's no guarantee it'll happen that way, of course - but the universe is aligning. Obama committed months ago to be at Boston's Symphony Hall on Monday evening for a campaign fundraiser - one that could be a victory celebration for his Supreme Court victory. Or if, as many expect, the Court invalidates at least some part of Obama's health care plan, it could prove an opportunity to stoke progressive outrage. And to rake in the contributions that would likely accrue in the wake of a SCOTUS backlash. 

It all comes down to whether the court will speak on the Health Care case on Monday - and with the SCOTUS calendar winding down, there are vanishingly few days left for it to do so.

As the nation awaits the high court's most anticipated and instantaneously controversial decision of the season, a portrait of the court has been perched menacingly on the homepage of Huffington Post, and the SCOTUSblog liveblog has over 50,000 people watching it. Meanwhile, the White House began issuing credentials for Monday night's Hub fundraiser, which will cap a day of presidential madness around town, including stops at Hammersely's and at a private house party in Weston. It is expected to be Obama's only such visit to true-blue Massachusetts before the November election.

If you haven't already, follow the Phoenix's David Bernstein on twitter - send him your #Hubama sightings and check his feed for real-time updates throughout the day - he'll be in the building with POTUS later on.

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