99 Twitter Accounts To Follow For Today's #NoNATO Actions In The Streets

As is becoming increasingly evident, the actions surrounding NATO add up to a perpetual protest. There's no beginning or end, with shit popping from activist crash pads to streets across the city, where clashes with police are getting more frequent and more intense around every corner. In the past few days I've had countless conversations with journalists, Occupiers, and every type of reporter and aggregator in-between about how most of us won't be able to file extensive accounts until things slow down a bit, since every second spent writing inside is a second that we could and should be documenting from the front lines.

With that in mind, here are 99 Twitter feeds of writers, livestreamers, activists, and photographers who together account for a vivid and detailed look at the non-stop state-sponsored mayhem in Chicago (along with some pics from yesterday to spice things up). If I left you out and you're knee-deep in the scrum, please add your handle in the comment section. And if you're a conservative troll who's sitting behind your laptop and talking trash while the rest of us pound the concrete, go fuck yourself. To everyone else – good luck out there. I'm @FARA1. See you all downtown.


The official twitter feed of the @OccupyChicago Direct Action Collective.



Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music -Nietzsche #anotherworldispossible



The Arts and Recreation Committee for Occupy Chicago.


I like art, music, hot sauce, and summer days spent in the presence of people I admire & enjoy.Sometimes I take pictures.Call me Big Mama James. #OWS #OCHI


We are the 99%! We are here to stay! We occupy the AIR! Watch live for updates from occupations around the world #OWS #OO #OCHI


Law student, activist, dog person, human person || #ochi; tweets=mine


Well small bio : I love app engineering and #Telecomix | #PirateParty | #FileSharing |


Independent Journalist covering political action and activism.


Journalist and researcher. #Iran Correspondent, @safeworld4women. Opinions mine. #womensrights, #refugees, #occupy. I had the itch to fly and I flew.


OccupySarcasm is a devil's advocate-playing asshole who lives by the words of the Great Kim Song Ill Fuck em if they can't take a joke


CBS Chicago has the latest news, weather, and sports for Chicagoland


₣reelance writer. Day 1 #occupier + #OWS affinity group of one. 'Essential' says @RDevro. RT ≠ E. Chicago trip fundraiser:


Stand-up comic, writer, co-host of Radio Dispatch and John and Molly Get Along. Actor in Naked in a Fishbowl. After-school teacher in the Bronx.



Free News for Free Thinkers. Official Truthout Tweets


Progressive in Chicago. All opinions expressed are my own. RT does not = endorsement.


Agnostic. Think for yourself. Question Political, Educational, and Religious Authorities of all kind. #LuLzTeAmSix #s00n We are all #Anonymous


Guardian journalist based in New York City.


relaying Outreach communication from, to and between all Occupy Chicago neighborhoods.


Breathing class war like a dragon breathes fire. Occupying the airwaves and the streets every day. Hit up @RickSmithShow for the full experience. Opinions mine.


Official account of #OccupyCongress. In unity with @OccupyWallSt. Join the people-powered movement against corporations running the show. Real democracy now!


Photojournalist, lover of bacon.


Tinkerer. G33k. Telecomix Agent. Technology, science, and journalism- privacy, security, and hackerspaces. freedom and datalove =)


Official Twitter for Occupy Chicago! We are the 99% | Voting GA's are Wed & Sat at the Horse! Congress & Michigan #ChicagoSpring #OChi


It's NOT camping, it's #sleepfulprotest #sleepidarity We #occupyeverything 24/7


Economic journalist focused on US income and wealth inequality, Occupier.


I'm a writer in the midst of a love affair with journalistic ideals and social media. Music is my heartbeat. #OccupyOakland #OccupySF #OWS #occupyeverywhere


. : : DISCLAMER : : . The views i express are my own. if you want news on occupy sydney, goto


Nursing Student, Natural Chica, Liberal Feminist, Sexual Assault Counselor & Future Midwife --- Wild Child turned Wild Woman... Come! Share My Journey!


Headless rider on an Ascii horse with a Nyan Cat as halo, sword made of Lulz and scabbard made of tolerance. Bitcoins: 18NHixaoQekQJ3y52aBGJJwgBWX9X3myYR


guitarist/bassist/photographer/assistant director/space cadet


I write at The Indypendent, The Public Record, others. Photojournalist. Agitator. @DavGolProject founder. Tweets A LOT. #Occupy #CraftBeer


Investigative journalism and in the field reporting covering political news related to the people.


Following labor and immigration. Occasionally writing about them. Often doing something about them. micah[dot]uetricht[at]gmail


Freelancer, unless you want to hire me.


All indians, no chiefs.


The Boston Occupier is a one-stop shop for news and in-depth journalism related to Occupy Boston and the Occupy movement.


Vegan and LGBT rights activist. Street journalist for Occupy Wall Street.


Occupying #WallStreet since #Sep17. Standing with the global #Occupy movement. We are the 99%. Contribute: #ows


37yo #uNonymous autonomous gay male in SF. #citizenjournalist #gonzoreporter @Ustreamer and caller of bullshit. #pUNkCr3w


a ghost in a hundred halls, a shadow in a thousand rooms. hippity hoppity horror 4R7 CR1M35 #invaderz


Progressive in Chicago. All opinions expressed are my own. RT does not = endorsement.


Occupied Chicago Tribune - Media for the 99 percent


Tweeting politics, dissent, photos & commentary. Student @ UMass Boston, emerging photojournalist, live tweeter, & music lover.


editor in chief @nextgreatgen. blogger/web producer @globalpost. tweets are mine, do not reflect opinions of others.


Monthly news magazine committed to informing and analyzing movements for social, environmental and economic justice. Founded in 1976.


co-founder CODEPINK


I'm really worried about the cpd horses; they're frothing mouth, tripping,officers are taking swings at the horses following them.




Full-time worker; citizen journalist. Radically autonomous occupier. I occupy chi but all my tweets are mine. Follow me for #OChi updates!


Taking the 'If you see something, say something'-approach to the corruption of democracy. General Assemblies @ 6pm Tu/Th/Sa/Su.


we are stronger than everything they taught us that we should fear.


Journalist and organizer working for press freedom and the future of news through media and tech policy. Journalism & Public Media


Executive Director at @truthout. Opinions are mine.


CODEPINK is a women-initiated grassroots peace and social justice movement.


Columbia College J-school alum. Freelance journalist, blogger and photographer in Chicago. Anti-monetizer. Protest chaser. Grant writer (over $1 million served)


respect existence, or expect resistance ☮ ❀ ॐ ♫ ♥

chicago ·


Reporter @Truthout @ChicagoReporter on immigration, corporate corruption, Occupy, race and poverty.


I'm a freelance animator by day, and an occupier by night.


What you need to know: now. News, entertainment, sports and business news from the Chicago Sun-Times and more. And yes, it is real people here.


rable rouser


rabble rouser, agitator, organizer, labor activist


Official Site of the Chicago Police Department.Tweets do not necessarily reflect the views of the CPD. We link to CPD and media sites about a variety of issues.


I have a job. I bathe obsessively. I own my home. I work hard. Wall St & corporations captured government, corrupted democracy, and destroyed the economy.


a ghost in a hundred halls, a shadow in a thousand rooms. hippity hoppity horror 4R7 CR1M35 #invaderz


ALL DAY ALL WEEK OCCUPY WALL ST! We're posting as many pictures of the occupation. Follow our Posts!



Aspiring coot, mithrandir, politcal afficianado, chronic mispeller


Like CNN, but with more swearing. Citizen Radio is hosted by Allison Kilkenny (The Nation) and Jamie Kilstein (Conan O'Brien, Showtime)


RT's { #OccupyChicago, #OccupyChi } -- see also:


Reporter for Voice of Russia Radio News


Research Fellow at @DeSmogBlog. @UWMadison/@BuckyBadger Alum. Freelance muckraker & political/social analytical work on side. Views expressed/tweets my own.


the official twitter account of @OccupyChicago Press Relations Committee.


Don't tell me I can't change the world because I am already doing it.One Love.


Occupy Boston Logistics. The guy in the yellow hat. rene (at) occupyboston dot org



I've been with the #OccupyLA movement since Oct.1. Visionary Activist, #NewMediaJournalist, mother, environmentalist & yogini .


Civil liberties blogger who covers #WikiLeaks, drones, torture, secrecy, #OWS, etc. Co-author of the book Truth & Consequences: The US vs. Bradley Manning


Author, journalist, feminist, reprobate, tea-drinker, gentlewoman of fortune. Writes for The Independent and many others. Views my own.


Citizen Radio co-host, contributing reporter for The Nation. Blog at


Development & Communications Associate at @Truthout. Editor & contributor at @OccupiedChiTrib. Anarcho-curious; frequently


Writer, comedian, independent journalist & co-host of Radio Dispatch, a thrice weekly political Internet radio show.


Just 1 person, Mr. Murphy(Murph). My ustream channel:



This account is run by #Obama2012 campaign staff. Tweets from the President are signed -bo.

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