Meet the Mayor: Buckaroo's Mercantile

Welcome to "Meet the Mayor," a segment in which we interview local Foursquare Mayors in their natural habitats.

Buckaroo's Mercantile
Genie Gore

Why art thou mayor here?
I just walked in one day, and I wanted to buy everything but bought nothing. Then I came back and bought a couple things. I'm working my way, slowly, through all the items.

What was the first thing you bought?
A business card holder with the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland on it.

Strangest thing you've bought here?
I don't think I've bought anything too strange. I haven't bought a toilet seat, but that is something you can buy here.

Strangest thing you own, overall?
I think it's pretty cool, but some people might think it's weird. It's an acupressure mat. It's like getting acupuncture at home, without using real needles.

Pop culture's obsession with nostalgia - Is it awesome?
It's awesome, 'cause it's a sign that we're constantly moving forward and changing.

Is there a distinction to make between nostalgic and vintage?
I think vintage is relishing in the past, taking all the best things from it, and displaying them. Whereas nostalgic, I see more as reminiscing over the past with a sadder undertone. But it really depends.

Is there anything you're nostalgic for?
Good hip-hop.

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