Meet the Mayor: Staff Meal food truck

Welcome to "Meet the Mayor," a segment in which we interview local Foursquare Mayors in their natural habitats.

Staff Meal Food Truck
Kristin Callahan

I'm not sure if I understand the name of this truck.
If you've worked in restaurants before, you'll know the cooks will cook a staff meal for the waitstaff and all the other cooks at the end of the night. So Staff Meal is geared towards restaurant industry people, but also everybody else. They were cooking for their staff for years in fine-dining restaurants before they opened up the food truck.

You're a fan of this truck, but what's your all-time least favorite food?
Liverwurst and peanut butter. That's my best friend's favorite food.

Why in God's name are your friends with such a person?
We've been friends since fourth grade, so . . .

Yeah, but why?
She's still a good person.

Obviously not, if she eats liverwurst and peanut butter.
To each their own!

If you could eat any celebrity, living or dead . . . ?
I don't know if I could do cannibalism. Perhaps if I was stranded on an island with no other food for survival.

Would you eat Gordon Ramsay?
If it was a matter of survival, perhaps.

What if you were just really hungry?
No, I think I'd hold out.

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