Gingrich wins NH Primary Day internet wars with Stop Romney's Pious Baloney -- The Website


Everyone's favorite Sunday-morning NBC debate zinger got its own website -- albeit a Z-grade, 12-year-old-with-a-geocities-account type website. But there's plenty to love about -- for one thing, the Baloney-meter. For another, idiot-proof social-media buttons to share on Facebook and Twitter. (The Twitter-share feature willl autopost using the hashtags #withnewt and #stopthebaloney, which appear to be showing up at a rate of about 3 per hour.) There's the under-appreciated "pious" insult -- perhaps a subliminal shot at Mitt's religious dedication? 

The rest, of course, is the typical conservative bullshit: Gingrich beating Romney about the neck and shoulders for allegedly using "taxpayer funds to pay for abortions and [giving] Planned Parenthood power over Massachusetts health care." 

In other internet news, Twitter successfully sold some political promoted tweets during the runup -- the hashtag #FITN became a bit of a battleground, with Romney claiming it earlier in the week and Huntsman claiming it yesterday. Oddly, on election day it's owned by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, promoting some kind of new free-enterprise website. Romney-voter dog whistle, maybe?

Meanwhile, Huntsman ran a full-fledged GOTT (get out the tweet?) campaign online, with a clever widget that allowed fans to mindlessly RT the campaign's dogma with a single click. It appeared to be working: a tweet that touted the GLobe's endorsement of Huntsman -- which explicitly shit-canned Romney -- had more than 1300 RTs, and the site suggests the candidate was generating over 5000 tweets per day. 

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