New Must-See #Occupy Visuals from Strange Famous Records and Current TV

Two of my favorite sources for both information and entertainment have blessed us this week with multimedia assaults concerning the Occupy movement at large. One is the activist gang at Strange Famous Records, which assembled the progressive rap dream team of Sage Francis, B. Dolan, Toki Wright, Jasiri X, and Buddy Peace for an important public service announcement: “Film The Police.” The second, as if I don't salute Current TV enough, is the network's new doc on Occupy from the award-winning team at Vanguard. Check it...

There's been some chatter about the overlap between politically charged rappers and Occupy, and that's not a bad thing. It's about time that a revolution separated real advocates from profiteers and bullshit artists. In my travels I've run into a number of grassroots hip-hop artists who are sweating for the cause – Elemental Zazen in Seattle, who yesterday stormed the ports in that city; the Rebel Diaz crew and Boots Riley of The Coup, all of whom were in Oakland on my visit there; J the S, who I've seen at more than a dozen Occupy Boston rallies.

And then there are Sage Francis and B. Dolan, the former of which visited and donated to Occupy Boston (among other camps) at the outset, and who's been fighting this battle since before the 99 Percent banner was flown. Fellow Strange Famous human rights crusader Dolan has also jumped in, instituting a statement (through his nonprofit and via HuffPost) challenging people to “recognize Occupy as a global movement.” It's no surprise that their track with likeminded MCs Toki, Buddy, and Jasiri is spreading, while opportunistic anthems flounder. These dudes really mean it.

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