[breaking] Occupy protesters respond to tonight's "midnight deadline" issued by Mayor Menino

Mayor Menino is giving Occupy Boston a midnight deadline to leave Dewey, or the city will "take action," reported earlier today. Menino announced the midnight deadline today before a news conference at Fenway Park regarding a Red Sox celebration of the stadium's 100th anniversary. An emergency general assembly will be held at 1 PM today.

Occupiers responding via Twitter have made it clear that protesters will not in fact vacate Dewey Square, and plan to protect their encampment tonight. (In others words, the protesters are preparing for mass arrests.)

"Cops just came and told me to tell everyone out by midnight ," tweeted John Ford, (@JohnFord1619) a member of the Occupy Boston safety working group. at 10:52 AM. "Mayor used silence as a tactic to win court case." Ford added in another tweet: "Emergency Ga, 1pm. Streamline discussion on moving forward. rt everywhere.

"If you support please come to camp tonight and help defend the 1st amendment and the 99%," tweeted @Occupy_Boston this morning. 

 "Menino issues midnight eviction deadline to Occupy Boston," read a text message sent via the Occupy Boston eviction support network -- an emergency text messaging alert system established by protesters several days ago. "If you stand with the Occupy Movement please make your way to Dewey Square TONIGHT. We need you!"

Protesters are using social media to call upon their comrades in Cape Cod, Worcester, New Hampshire, New York, Providence, and other #Occupy encampments. Protesters are also working out a ride shares via Twitter to get more bodies at Dewey Square tonight.

"@ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ WE NEED YOU TONIGHT!," tweeted @Occupy_Boston at 11:37.

"If you can go to camp now, please do so," tweeted Robin Jacks (@caulkthewagon), a member of Occupy's media working group, who also reported that Superintendent Evans brought news of the midnight deadline to Dewey Square this morning. "If you can plan to stay past midnight, please do that as well. This is it, y'all." Jacks added in another tweet: "Everybody who is taking photos and filming: password protect your phone. Other occupations have reported members having info cleared out."

The Occupy Boston Info Tent (@OccupyBosInfo) tweeted at 11:20 that it will remain "functional until the last possible minute." The Info tent added in another tweet: "Please note the resources provided by MA ACLU  ... PLEASE READ and know your rights, this is crucial."

"Dear Press, do not leave at midnight, they will wait until you leave," tweeted protester Kevin McCallister (@Occupocalypse) at 11:45.

Mayor Menino has made no mention of the midnight deadline on his own Twitter account (@MayorTomMenino) today.

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