[dispatches from dewey] The vibes are nervous, but campers seem prepared

The news trucks are now descending and rain is pouring on Dewey Square, as Occupy Boston protesters prepare for their emergency general assembly tonight at 7 PM.

Nervous energy is filling the air, following the news released this afternoon that the restraining order protecting the encampment was lifted. (Read the decision here.) But campers seem prepared, not frantic, said Phoenix reporter Eugenia Williamson, who is currently on the ground at Dewey Square. Most occupiers currently at camp are staring attentively at their cell phones, tweeting and reporting the news.

Williamson, who took our phone call standing under an umbrella, headed to camp earlier this afternoon to check out the library tent. When she got there around 4:20 p.m., she could not get into the library because an impromptu meeting was happening inside.

"I just stood outside waiting for them to disperse," said Williamson. "I had no idea what was going on because I hadn't been online since around 1 o'clock."

One protester came out of the tent eventually and told her, "This is the panic center!"

"But they were saying it in such a way that it seemed like something they were expecting," said Williamson.

Camp is currently buzzing with rumors about whether a raid will take place immediately, or in a couple of days.

"One guy I was talking to was planning to call his parents in Iowa," Williamson said. "To give them a courtesy call about possibly getting arrested tonight." 

 Overall, the vibes are not entirely negative or chaotic.

"People seem pretty chipper all things considered," said Williamson. "Someone said to me, at least something is happening."


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