Photos: #OccupyBoston erecting "30-foot teepee greenhouse temple of democracy" to keep warm this winter

This is what a democracy-teepee condom looks like.


"They never told me I couldn't build a 30-foot teepee greenhouse temple of democracy," says Sage Radachowsky.

Duly noted. And so sometime this afternoon he'll start building one.

We first met Radachowsky in the midst of Occupy Boston's first snowstorm, when he showed up with a plan to keep the camp warm all winter: small, cheap, coffin-sized tiny-house trailers. On Tuesday, while the majorty of the camp had taken to the streets -- marching in solidarity with the dismantled Occupy Wall Street mothership -- Radachowsky, OccupyBoston's DIY engineering guru, stayed in Dewey Square. 

Instead of toting signs, Sage is figuring out how the camp is going to make it through the winter. 

Since I wrote about Sage's tiny house on wheels, he's been contacted my numerous media outlets -- one of which, he says, gave him money to build weather-proof tents and tent alternatives on Dewey Square. 

"They’re giving me $1,000 to build teepees and stuff,” he says, while explaining his vision for a giant teepee/greenhouse, with a backbone created from three inflatable plastic tubes filled with expanding foam.

Boston Police tell the Phoenix this week that they're preventing building materials from being brought to Occupy Boston -- and other reports suggest the cops are actively turning away protesters with heavy, winterized tents.

But Radachowsky's tubes, in deflated form, are compact and discreet for easy transport, and can be quickly inflated with a mattress pump into what almost resembles a giant -- I'll say it -- condom. Once they're inflated, they can be filled with fast-drying foam to anchor a giant teepee. 

Sage is just as vivid in describing the tea parties he intends to host inside. He says Mayor Menino is invited -- “We’ll knit a hat for him.”

He envisions the 30-foot teepee towering over the city. “They’ll see we’re good people. They’ll start liking us,” he says, imagining the teepee attracting attention of the public at large. “We’ll be a mascot for the city.”




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