Meet the Mayor: Plough & Stars

Welcome to "Meet the Mayor," a segment in which we interview local Foursquare Mayors in their natural habitats.

Plough and Stars
Patrick Campbell

So, according to you, the Plough serves the best grits in town at brunch time. But what, exactly, are grits?
Grits are a porridge-like Southern delight that have lots of butter and cheese, if they're cheddar grits. But you can pair them without as much cheese, or pair them with shrimp, et cetera. My girlfriend's from South Carolina, so I've had lots of really good Southern grits and sorry attempts at grits out west. A good measure of grits is if they're semi-viscous and congealed a little bit, they're good grits. If they're soupy, they're bad grits. If they're watery, they're bad grits. ... I know more about grits than I thought.

If you could be mayor of a star - as in a celebrity - who would you pick?
I hear Ryan Reynolds is in town. He seems like a cool guy.

What would you command Ryan Reynolds to do?
I don't think I would command him to do anything. I'd be like, "Hey, Ryan Reynolds, want to hang out? Want to get some grits at the Plough?" If he didn't, and I really wanted to, I would drag him along. But you've got to be democratic about things.

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