(Not) Teaching 9/11: In the wake of an article from Education Week, we're not the only ones asking questions

In Teaching 9/11, I enlisted a Harvard professor and a dedicated Rhode Island teaher to try to figure out why the events of that day have been confined to a paragraph in most students' textbooks. It looks like we're not the only ones wondering about the ramifications of not teaching our nation's youth how to interpret history. An Education Week article published recently regarding the lack of 9/11 requirements in state standards has people talking. posted an op-ed arguing that combatting Islamophobic myths is especially key to a generation that's grown up entrenched in them. Meanwhile, NPR News profiled a middle school class in Michigan taking part in the Living Textbook Project, where they "report" on the events of that day from their own unique perspectives, engaging them as citizens and scholars. You can read a transcript or listen to the story here.

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