In the 6/10 issue: Summer Preview showers you in food, music, and drunken shenanigans; plus Akrobatik lives, Super 8 invades, and more

Summer has finally arrived (we think) -- that time when Boston transitions from cold and rainy to hot and muggy, at least in theory. Whatever, we've got your ultimate guide to outdoor bliss, plus options for having fun while keeping cool. Cornhole, anyone?

We said "best summer ever," and we mean it -- this is perhaps the most beautiful Summer Preview guide we've ever put together, starting with Mike Pecci's luminous, summery photos. (And check out the digital magic he did with them on the main page.) You'll want to shed the indoors like an old sweater, and we've got all the best food trucks, picnic spots and outdoor patios for you -- food tastes better outdoors, right? Plus, check out summer blockbusters , local film festivals, must-see concerts, and more.

On the other hand, if it's too hot for you to think about moving off the porch, it's probably a good time for some liquid  refreshment. How about some beer pong? With national beer pong leagues and a Beer Pong World Series prize of $50,000, clearly this game has morphed into something more substantial than an elaborate excuse to get drunk. If you're looking for drunken fun in an air-conditioned setting, cornholing may be for you. No, it's not a euphemism -- this Midwestern beanbag toss has become Boston's favorite bar sport.

Local songwriter Marissa Nadler reflects on her decision to leave behind record labels and independently distribute her music. Legendary Boston MC Akrobatik, who is NOT dead, talks with us about the exaggerated rumors of his health scare and putting the finishing touches on his upcoming album. Rebecca Black's friend Benni Cinkle (a/k/a awkwardly dancing girl in pink dress) has used her fleeting fame to start a website contributing to charities such as Japan relief and Cystic Fibrosis. So take some solace next time that mindless auto-tune gets stuck in your head. In other irritating teen news, Nick Jonas (of the Jonas Brothers) is launching a nationwide talent search for the next young superstar singer sponsored by Quaker Oats.

Central Square's unfortunately named Thailand Cafe serves up mediocre Thai fare, but come for the delectable authentic Sichuan food. A new gastropub in Dorchester, Ledge Kitchen & Drinks offers great dessert and a nice patio, but ultimately the menu lacks the innovation and execution to achieve excellence.  

Beginners, a winning romantic comedy in the mold of Woody Allen successfully explores neurotic terrain of romantic relationships.  J.J. Abrams's Super 8 is a well-cast and somewhat entertaining suburban drama/alien-invasion flick, but derivative dialogue and a suspect plot prevent it from fully resonating. Patricio Guzman's documentary Nostalgia for the Light is a poetic illustration of the driest place on earth, which preserves remnants of our miraculous celestial history as well as our tragic mortality. Also this summer, most of the big blockbuster movies are about kicking ass. From Captain America to Green Lantern to Conan the Barbarian, expect to see all sorts of violent justice being served in theaters all season long.

Since this year's non-mayoral local elections only determine a few positions, they are flying under the radar of most Bostonians. How will this expected low turnout alter the results? Congressman Anthony Weiner is frantically trying to salvage his political career in the wake of his sexting scandal.  What lies in store for this political pioneer of virtual perversion? And just how many awful puns can we make in the process? 

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