Spotlight on Boston's BEST: Burlesque!

Choosing your favorite burlesque is certainly a daunting task. It's a bit like choosing what kind of kid you want to have. Do you want a freaky-serial-killer-fanatic kid? Perhaps you'd prefer a bookish, intelligent in an off-kilter sort of way kid. Or maybe, a flamboyantly fabulously super kid who glows in the dark? The truth is, you might want a dyed-in-the-wool geek for a kid. But if what you want is a sexy kid who's certainly going to pass on your genes, then you're in luck, because all the song-and-dance shows nominated for Best Burlesque this year are certainly sexy. Do everyone a favor and vote for your favorite burlesque so we can end these creepy metaphors for good!

So what's the best burlesque in Boston?

Is it the horror-core Slaughterhouse Sweethearts? The defending champions Boston Babydolls? Boston's geekiest show, the Rogue Burlesque, or Boston's snappiest show Bent Wit Caberet? Babes in Boinkland with Sugar Dish, or Perestroika at Jacque's?

Vote now!

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