Trending: Cambridge tech startup GreenGoose Raises $100K on stage at Launch

Green Goose - Hands down the BEST company in the LAUNCH demo pit from Daniel R. Odio on Vimeo.

The big winner out of San Francisco's Launch conference is GreenGoose -- a company that, BostInnovation reports, had been working out of the Cambridge Innovation Center, but may be relocating out West.

They've got a pretty damn cool idea: they make tiny wireless sensors that look like stickers. You slap the sticker (which also contains its own power source) to something like a pill bottle or a toothbrush. And then the sensor sends signals to a receptor that plugs into your computer, allowing you to play games around real-world activity and publish those activities online. The company's founder recently said Green Goose would "like to see ourselves as a kind of Twitter for behaviors and activities." With Gamification now fully entrenched as the Next Big Thing, that's not a bad story to be telling.

Onstage at Launch, GreenGoose was the clear favorite, landing glowing reviews from ReadWriteWeb, VentureBeat, and Endgadget. Even crazier, investors started handing the company money before it could even get off the stage:

Two members of the panel of investor judges put $100,000 into the startup on the spot while the company was still on stage. A third,  Bill Warner, had already invested. "It's amazing and there's so much more you haven't even heard," he said about the company.

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