World AIDS Day Zakim Bridge FAIL

On Wednesday, December 1, our very own Zakim Bridge, the widest cable-stayed bridge in the world, became one of over 30 urban landmarks illuminated with red lights to honor World AIDS Day. RED, the sponsoring organization, was founded by Bono, and has raised over $160 million for AIDS relief programs in Africa.

All well and good, but as you can see from the photo, the bridge isn't exactly radiating with a fiery glow of "Look at me, AIDS is doing really bad things all over the world and we need to stop it," but rather more of a "Hey, aren't those really tiny lights just normally red?" The answer to that last question is yes, those lights are normally red.

What gives, Bono? Perhaps he was too busy gallavanting around the streets of New York and forgot to mail the additional red lighting to MassDOT.

Either way, we're still talking about AIDS awareness, and that's the real silver lining in all this.

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