My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, at which point I beat their asses into the ground: Are women athletes sexy?

If our Puritan forefathers had known that, 400 years down the line, Boston would host a thriving, underground kinky wrestling scene, they would have shat their chaste unmentionables. Sadly for them (and fortunately for us), our fair city boasts over 25 groups that cater to the public commingling of sex and headlocks. All of this begs the question: does a slender blonde wearing a lacey bra and pressing her forearm into your neck really have sex appeal?

No need to turn any further than the November 1952 issue of men's mag Whisper, which sought to answer the very same question. With Pulitzer Prize-quality journalistic incisiveness, an article entitled  "Are Women Athletes Sexy?" incorporated many factually bankrupt statements--"the Mexicans have always loved girl boxers"--on their way to a whole-heartedly positive conclusion. Don't take our word for it; check out the full page piece in all its glory, brimming with case studies of 50s female athletes who prove their sexiness, included below:

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