"Rent is Too Damn High" Dude drops digital album just in time for Election Day

Today's a big day for New York gubernatorial candidate Jimmy McMillan. Well, yea, there's that whole election thing going on, but it's doubtful that even Jimmy himself honestly believes he'll take this one. (Although, to be fair, the rent in the Big Apple is, indeed, too damn high. Man's got a valid, if not-so-eloquently-articulated point.) But no, we're talking about his freshman album, The Rent is Too Damn High (Volume 1) (wonder if this is going to turn into a "Now That's What I Call Low Rent Music" series) which dropped on iTunes and other digital download platforms today, just in time for the big election. And, incidentally, just in time for the holiday season: the twelve-track album includes original jams such as "Rent Party Christmas." The ironic thing is, one would think that McMillan would be in the camp that believes the price of iTunes downloads are also too damn high. Though, we suppose there's no putting a price on quality. As expected, the former postal worker cum martial arts instructor cum rent-battling, awesome-facial hair-sporting politico sticks to a solid theme throughout the synth-heavy album: namely, that being poor and not being able to afford your rent is not so fun. Some sample lyrics:

The mailman came, oh Lord.
I found my mail all in the hall.
You get it man; he said there wasn't no slot.
What ever happened to my mail?
What is this?

Frankly, it's still a bit too early to tell just what this is. It might be the most ingenious campaign strategy ever set to a bass line. Or, you know, not. But it must be said that some of the songs are actually catchy, and McMillan's voice is not at all unpleasant. So, Jimmy, you've got our non-registered vote. For what that's worth. 

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