Food-Loving Masochists Inquire Within


Are you a chef that misses the days of quasi abusive lunch money handovers on the elementary school playground, of mom giving you a good yell after she found your poorly hidden Playboys, of your first serious girlfriend not being ‘totally cool' with that new thing you wanted to try in bed?  Are your eggs not the only things that need a forceful beating? All you masochistic Bostonians who know your way around a kitchen (or a therapist's office), listen up!

The folks at FOX are in the process of casting the next season of Hell's Kitchen. So award yourself the opportunity to aim all your insecurities at one person, your mother world renowned Chef/ notorious kitchen Nazi Gordon Ramsay. If you're over 21, fancy a British accent (especially if it's shouting insults at you and the arms attached to it are flailing in dismay at your attempts to be anything other than mediocre) and consider yourself a chef (or fry cook, or foodie, or really charismatic waitress at the Cheesecake Factory), they have one question for you: ‘Can YOU stand the heat?'

If you're whimpering at the very idea of being good enough for the show, contact these people ASAP: Call: 310.313.9100   or   HK Hotline: 866.226.2226


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