Arrrgh! It's "National Talk Like a Pirate Day!"

Today be nationwide "Talk Like a Seafarin' hearty Tide." A tide when sea dogs an' land lubbers from yer mailman t' yer pervy neighbor Bob t' th' chick in th' next cubicle o'er gets a chance t' slap on a theoretical eye patch an' peg leg an' get the'r Smee on.

That, my land-lubbing friends, is how a real life pirate (according to talklikeapirateday....seriously, try it, it's fun) would blog that today, is, in fact "Talk Like a Pirate Day." If a pirate had access to a lap-top and WiFi aboard their pirate ship, that is. Which, frankly, seems unlikely for so many logistical reasons. But let's just go with it, in the interest of preserving the sanctity of this very special holiday. So break out the rum, commandeer your desk mate's spare change in the name of good-old-fashioned piracy and don't be afraid to drool a little over your "argghhs." It's sort of expected. 

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