Meet the Mayor: Anna's Taqueria

Welcome to "Meet the Mayor," a segment where we interview local Foursquare Mayors in their natural habitats.


Anna's Taqueria (Brookline)
Tom O'Keefe, a/k/a "Boston Tweet Guy"

What do you remember from your first visit to Anna's?
I think the first time was ‘96. I have a well-documented addiction to Anna's. It's been going on for a good 14 years.

You seem to have taken up making little people out of your burritos and tweeting pictures of them.
Yeah. I kind of have a problem with playing with food.

Would you consider not doing that anymore?
Absolutely not. It's another addiction. People have told me they've used them as their desktop wallpaper and printed them out, and their kids love ‘em. It's actually not as easy as you think, because the eyes always fall off. You have to push them in and take a photo real quick.

As mayor of Anna's, what laws would you enact if you went mad with power?
No sitting down without a burrito. None of that crap. It fires me up when people hog all the tables when they don't have food. My roommates and I came up with a list of rules, and that was definitely the top one. You cannot claim a table without a burrito. Moving multiple tables together is a little irritating, too.

Anna's Taqueria, 1412 Beacon St, Brookline | 617.739.7300 |

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