Reunited and it feels so goooood: NKOTB, 90210, BSB

Ladies (and closeted gentleman) of the 80's and 90's: rejoice! Two of America's all-time favorite boy bands have joined forces. Thunder Cats Gooooooo! The New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys are planning a tour together. Which should be epic (not epically good, per say. Or epically bad. Just....epic.) You know this shit is going to sell out and sell out fast. We only hope they invite LFO along as the opening act. Oh, please, like "Summer Girls" wasn't your jam in the summer of '99? Man up. Everyone liked girls who wore Abercrombie and Fitch that year.

And this item reminded us of something else epically awesome. This is sort of old news, sure, but it bears repeating. Dylan McKay and Brandon Walsh are re-uniting! Ok, well Dylan and Brandon aren't, because Dylan would presumably be dead of an overdose or a tragic yet sexy motorcycle accident by now and Brandon would be holed up in a love nest somewhere with a male White House intern after climbing the political ladder to the Senate on a platform of squeaky-clean family values.

But Jason Priestly and Luke Perry, they are getting back together. To make a Western. For the Hallmark channel. The feel-good hits just keep on coming. The made-for-TV movie is called Goodnight for Justice and stars Dylan (yea, we just feel more comfortable referring to them as if they are always and forever loving and learning on 90210 which, to us, they are) as a kid who saw his dad get murdered and then grows up to be a judge. The intrigue! Unfortunately, it seems like Brandon is actually going to be behind the camera, directing the flick. But we're hoping for a cameo. In which Dylan's character is about to make a life-altering mistake involving drugs or fast women and Brandon's character pulls him aside for a meaningful man-to-man in the old west's version of the Peach Pit (the Dust Bowl Saloon maybe. Yea, that's good.) and talks some sense into his bad-boy buddy. Actually, we'd rather someone just make Beverly Hills 90210-2011: The Feature Film. Just putting that out there, Universe. 
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