Let's Get Weird: a 'news' round-up

(Photo courtesy of look at this fucking hipster)

 This guy decided to photograph the contents of various Atlanta hipsters' purses and man-bags to try to determine what makes the average hipster tick. Cameras, smokes and various Urban Outfitter accoutrements abound. While not a single one of the 24 (male and female) subjects seem to have a condom on them. Verdict: most people prefer doing the dirty with the clean. (The Berry)

German kids can now major in sausage. Courses include optimal mustard pairings. Minor in sexual innuendos pending. (UK Metro)

Ever wanted to map your sexual escapades (in terms of terrain--and morals--crossed)? Well, someone has just Middle-Earthed a map to measure your promiscuity. Using this handy new app, users can see where they are in the wide world of sex, geographically speaking. We'd like to think we fall somewhere between ass-play and the Impassable Reaches of sexual surrogacy. (Human Sex Map)

Star Wars mega-geeks tap NASA to build them an actual hyper-drive so they can get their Hans Solo on in real time. NASA to nerds: Please get a life. And a clue. (MSNBC)

Remember the smoking baby? Of course you do, it's indelibly imprinted upon your brain, somewhere between hilarious and horrifying. Well here's another tickler: teen mom on bail posts photo of her baby with bong, is arrested. Man, MTV, you should really start pulling back on your reality show concepts. (AP)

Some batty old rich dude is offering a cool mill to the first person to streak past Obama. Why? Because he can, we guess. (

Right-wing angel of darkness/"Judy Garland" Ann Coulter to speak at gay democratic event "HomoCon." (Real name.) They promise listening to her will be more fun than "chaining yourself to a fence." Apparently Coulter will be discussing bondage ("the economy") (NY Mag)

Can you hear me now? No, because I am dead. An Indian man was recently killed by his Nokia whilst grazing cattle out in the fields of his rural village. Officials abstained from visiting the site from fear of overexposure... to painful irony. (Daily Telegraph)

--Alexandra Cavallo and Marianna Faynshteyn


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