Max Fisher Sings! [MP3]


A typical day in the life of Jason Schwartzman probably includes cocktails by the pool in the Coppola Compound. Cousin Sofia's boyfriend just might pop in and serenade him with a Phoenix song on the acoustic guitar. Then Kristen Dunst swings by and they go for a swim, and Wes Anderson shows up with his model train set, and Jarvis Cocker is there and they start playing together, and so's Gwennyth and she starts singing too, but she's fucking unbearable, so Uncle Francis busts it up by regaling them with stories about that one time he and James Caan drove to Tijuana, and then everyone laughs and there's wine and pink champagne and bubbles, lots and lots of bubbles.

You try getting this tableau out of your head the next time you sit across from Jason Schwartzman. I couldn't, and I was embarrassingly star struck. Here's your opportunity to hear him hold forth about his encyclopediac knowledge of 90s rock and hear him sing The Toadies' 1994 classic, Possum Kingdom. Oh yeah, and Anna Kendrick was there, too. She's pretty.

LISTEN: Anna Kendrick and Jason Schwartzman talk about acting and Incubus (mp3)


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