Britney Spears + Mel Gibson: BFF!!

Oh, Brit Brit. We knew you were cuckoo bananas back when you first started traipsing around gas stations in your bare tootsies and dating men with chin strap facial hair (not to mention the whole shaving your dome and undergoing a severe mental break thing, but who needs to revisit that just as you're ostensibly getting your act together?) but, somehow, this tops all.  

She's been a slave 4 you, she's been something just between a girl and a woman, and now pop's one-time reigning princess and current front-runner for a good old-fashioned redemption story is moonlighting as Mel Gibson's number one confidante and ally, y'all. For real, Britto? You, of all people, should know what a little bit of, um, unflattering publicity can do to sully one's career. Especially when it's already balancing on some pretty shaky ground. Plus, there's that whole sociopathic, wife-beating, minority-slurring thing dude's got going on. Alas, crazy begets crazy, and Britney apparently sees a kindred spirit in Manic that they're both just misunderstood, ok?

According to a source, Britney says that Gibson was a real comfort to Spears during her own little rough patch and, as such, "she believes that demonstrates what a loving and wonderful man he is." Huh. It would appear that Mel never called Britney's va-jay-jay a "dysfunctional cunt." Apparently the two gal pals chat on the phone nightly, trading sob stories and commiserating over the way the media can really paint a nasty picture of something that's actually no big deal. Like parental negligence. Or punching your girlfriend in the teeth.

Ah well, boys will be boys and crackpot celebs will be, well, totally bonkers. Our only hope is that the transcript to one of these particular meetings of the minds will leak to the media. We're already bored of Mel's solo rant; it's time for a duet.

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