VIDEO: Dew Tour 2010 wrapup

The Phoenix goes to Dew Tour 2010 at TD Garden

Last month, courtesy of everybody's favorite highly caffeinated and questionably colored beverage, Mountain Dew, TD Garden traded Celtic green for the radioactive sheen of the aforementioned soft drink's label.

Our fair city was the first stop on the 2010 Dew Tour, a five-city celebration of all things extreme (you know, like, branding and major corporations and stuff). Roughly 32,400 people descended on the arena for a weekend of skateboarding, music, and merchandise. The crowd skewed surprisingly young, dominated by 8-year-old Ryan Shecklerites who have probably never gazed upon the glitchy glory that was Tony Hawk's Pro Skater.

But amid the maelstrom of sponsor booths and marketing gimmicks, some actual skateboarding did go down, and some damn good skateboarding at that. In the halfpipe occupying one side of the arena, 15-year-old Brazilian upstart Pedro Barros duked it out with veteran riders like Pierre-Luc Gagnon and Boston's own Andy Macdonald. Out of 10 competitors in the finals, Barros came out in fourth place -- an insanely impressive feat, considering most of the other guys have been skating for at least as long as he's been alive. Gagnon, a vert staple in the world of professional skateboarding, ended up on top, earning himself the title of International Skateboarding Federation World Champion in his discipline. Brazil's Sandro Dias pulled a second-place finish with several solid runs that, in the words of the Dew Tour website, "hit the gnar jar," which we'd wager can't be found alongside any other jars you might find in your grocery store. Hometown hero Andy Macdonald ended up filling the third-place spot on the podium.

The other half of the arena floor was consumed by the park setup where riders competed jam style, skating helter-skelter all at the same time over the various ramps, rails, and boxes, narrowly skirting collision. Milwaukee-bred Greg Lutzka took home the championship title thanks to his progressive handrail work. MTV reality darling Ryan Sheckler came back from a one year, injury prompted hiatus to take second, just in front of Chicago's Chaz Ortiz in third.

Outside the Garden, one could find the sponsor village, a landscape of promotional tents, mini-skateparks, and a stage. By far the coolest thing in this haven of commercialism was the Nerf war arena, a giant, inflatable battleground in which anyone in need of a healthy, foam-based outlet for their aggression could be a part of the sideways-diving, mid-air-shooting action always promised by Nerf commercials.

Friday night, skateboarding sensation Paul Rodriguez and skate-art legend Don Pendleton stopped by the Mountain Dew Green Label Experience tent to discuss Dew's latest installment in their artist-designed can series. Rodriguez and Pendleton teamed up to create a can in support of the Shop Series, a competition which pits 35 skate shops from across the country against each other, each creating their own work of aluminum art.

Reppin' Cambridge in the Northeast region of the competition is Concepts. The Harvard Square shop designed a plain white can emblazoned with a totally threatening shark-toothed, sneering smile. You can vote for your favorite can on the Green Label Art website. The winner will get their artwork distributed via the classic medium of 16 oz. tallboy can. Currently, you can find the Rodriguez/Pendleton can at select locations and dig on the quirky, geometric characters adorning it. Pendleton said he and Rodriguez were looking to create a design that captured the fun they had making it. "It wasn't a serious project," he said. "It ended up being the product of us talking and messing around."

Concepts on Mountain Dew's Green Label Experience

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