Does the Boston DPW think Celtics rioters prefer Boston Phoenix news boxes over the Globe and Herald?

Umm . . . dudes?

Looks like through the duration of the NBA Finals, Boston is a two-newspaper town.

Editors and ad salesmen at the Boston Herald and the Boston Globe must’ve woken up with hard nipples this morning, as the Department of Public Works (DPW) removed the street boxes for every other local publication from Kenmore Square — including Stuff and the Boston Phoenix — from Kenmore Square. (There are also unconfirmed reports that the same holds true of boxes at North Station — let us know in the comments if you see any other instances.)

This appears to be not a practical joke, but rather a heavy-handed move by the city to, as BPD Officer James Kenneally told the Globe on Tuesday, avoid the boxes getting “tossed around and things of that nature” in the event of further Celtics victories (or, God forbid, losses).

This warrants a few questions, the most pressing of which is this: why not move the Globe and Herald boxes, too? Can’t people throw them through windows, as well? In fact, aren't their metal boxes more fun to throw through windows than our plastic ones? (It certainly can’t be because Back Bay commuters rely on the Herald and the Globe for information — that's what the Metro is for.)

Here's the official explanation: “The Boston Police Department is asking Newspaper [sic] outlets to please remove [their] distribution boxes in the North Station, Kenmore Square and Faneuil Hall area by tomorrow June 9,” BPD Spokesperson Elaine Driscoll wrote in an email to media outlets this past Tuesday. “As part of our comprehensive safety efforts for the NBA Finals, please remove the distribution boxes for the remainder of the Finals. Your cooperation is much appreciated.”

A Globe spokesman was quoted as saying that the newspaper "would cooperate with public safety officials and remove vending machines where necessary." Kenmore Square storefront windows: good luck with that.

We’re waiting on some answers from the DPW and the mayor’s office, and will keep you updated on line as long as Boston remains a two-publication city.

-- by Chris Faraone and Carly Carioli, with hat tip to the Phoenix circulation department

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