People going apeshit at church

Having a hard time waking up this morning? Well, not anymore, because the International Day of Slayer (slated for this Sunday, 6/6) has come early this year thanks to this insane montage of people freaking out at church set to Slayer's "Angel of Death." Turn it up.

I left Sunday school once I learned that it was not okay to BYO "blood of Christ," so I'm hardly an expert on churchy things. But I can only imagine that this is what a Stryper concert was like in the mid-1980s.

If you watch this video for long enough - several times in rapid succession - it becomes kind of profound. We also began to think about what it would be like if these pious folks were moshing to "Shout at the Devil," or maybe even "Sex Machine." The possibilities are endless. So Andy C. and MC GQ, expert editors of extreme church footage, we salute you with devil horns.

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