Morning memes: Google's Super Bowl ad spawns instant parodies, mostly involving hookers


Wasn't that Google Super Bowl ad sweet? Boy meets internet search engine, boy travels to France, boy meets French girl, boy marries French girl, boy and girl have a baby. As virginal forays go, this was not bad: and by virgin, we're talking about Google's dip into television advertising, which in cultural terms is perhaps bigger than the Saints winning the Super Bowl. Other than a few spots for Chrome, Google commercials are only slightly less rare than Eric Schmidt tweets. There's lots of speculation about whether this means Google's sweating Bing, but more likely it's just a little quid pro quo to play nice with the traditional advertising business.

Those Google "search stories" have been floating around online for a whie now, which means there's already a couple of great parodies. Needless to say a few more popped up overnight, almost all of them involving some combination of international travel and hookers. We present the classic example -- Slate's Tiger Woods parody -- as well as a few more to develop the theme. 

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