F is for firearms: Gun-control advocates give Obama a failing grade

Yikes. It's not enough that Barack Obama has to clean-up the Massachusetts Democratic Party's mess up here in Coakleyville. Now the Brady Center To Prevent Gun Violence -- the nation's leading anti-handgun organization -- has given Obama a grade of F for his "continuing concessions to the 'guns anywhere' mentality of the gun lobby and lack of leadership for common-sense gun laws." That's right: the Brady Center is labelling Obama a shill for the gun lobby. The organization's president, Paul Hemke, says, "If I had been told, in the days before Barack Obama’s inauguration, that his record on gun violence prevention would be this poor, I would not have believed it . . . We have been very disappointed by his first year record on this issue."

Accusing Obama of "back-pedaling" from campaign positions, the Bradys complain that the White House has not simply avoided bringing up gun control but actively supressed gun-control sentiment on Capitol Hill:

"On the second anniversary of the Virginia Tech University tragedy and the tenth anniversary of the Columbine High School tragedy – as well as after a shooting in Binghamton, New York that left 13 dead, the shooting of Dr. George Tiller, the shooting of four police officers by an Obama-hating white supremacist in Pittsburgh and the shooting of a security guard at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. – none of President Obama’s public statements included the word “gun.”

The avoidance of the gun issue has had international repercussions as well.  Despite horrific gun violence related to the war between drug lords and the government in Mexico and vast evidence that the overwhelming majority of firearms in the conflict came from the U.S., the White House silenced two Cabinet members who said the U.S. should consider changing gun laws. "

Here's a link to their full report, entitled, "President Obama's First Year: Failed Leadership, Lost Lives."

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