Where to vote for tomorrow's Massachusetts Senate election: check your polling place in 30 seconds or less


Or, if you don't trust Democrats, find the same thing here. But trust us, it'll take longer:

The Boston Phoenix has endorsed Martha Coakley for Senator. Click here to read why

Massachusetts was in the bag for Obama, so unlike some of our neighbors, we were spared the blitztacular advertising and robo-poll frenzy of 2008. No matter -- we think Martha Coakley and Scott Brown have pretty much made up for it in the past week. The phones -- for those of us who still have landlines -- have been ringing off the hook with push-polls (third-parties for Brown), ex-Presidents (Bill Clinton for Coakley), current presidents (Obama for Coakley), and fake-independent robocalls (for Brown). Apparently Pepsi is mounting some sort of nostalgia campaign for a sugar-based old-school tonic -- but we say "apparently" because they're unable to find any local airtime that hasn't been bought by Democrats, Republicans, or their surrogates. Shit has gotten way ugly, and we're not just talking about Brown supporters wanting to shove electrified objects up Martha's butt. By any measure, Coakley has run one of the worst political campaigns mounted in this state in a generation -- taking a wide lead against an unknown opponent and coming within a hair of handing crucial leverage in the Senate to the Republicans at the single most critical moment in recent Democratic political history. 

We will deal with Martha later.

Right now, we need to elect her and deny the anti-gay, anti-woman, dangerously-autocratic Republican party a victory in Massachusetts. Make no mistake about what a Democratic loss would mean: if you fail to vote tomorrow, you may very well wake up on Wednesday in a world in which Republicans have been given an entrenched foothold against health care, economic recovery, and environmental stability. For starters.

Another note: for the past several weeks, national Tea Party forces have been laying the groundwork (via a massive Twitter-spam campaign) for specious voter-fraud allegations involving their old favorite straw men -- the SEIU and ACORN. So if and when you see widespread "grassroots" reportage of voter meddling, remember that those reports are neither grassroots nor particularly reliable: they will most likely be part of an orchestrated campaign that was playbooked well in advance of the election. 

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