The Newest Huff Post Columnist: Karmaloop Founder Greg Selkoe

Us career writers don't really like it when folks from other professions decide to enter our already crowded field - or, even worse, when they do so and gain followings two million times that of what schmucks like us could ever hope to have. It's kind of like how Samual L. Jackson feels about rappers-turned-actors.

But if there ever was a businessman who I almost don't mind stepping on my turf, it's Karmaloop founder Greg Selkoe. In addition to being politically informed, he's got big brass balls that clank when he walks. As I showed in this profile, dude is fearless enough to say what most cats won't. Plus he'll be repping Boston on the Huff Post, which is a bonus.

In Selkoe's first column, he reaches out to anti-gay conservatives, offering a chance for them to go down in history as something other than a bunch of bigot bastards. (You listening Kris Mineau? You limp dick motherfucker!). And he's just warming up; check for Greg's column on Huff Post every week.  


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