The Elusive G-Spot: Fact or fiction?


Does the elusive (or not so elusive) G-spot exist? How are we even questioning such a thing after years of women, screaming from every corner of the world, have made their vote? Well, I guess the disbelievers out there are really trying to ruin all the fun. A recently-published British study, that claims to be the biggest study of its kind, has researchers coming (insert dirty pun here) up short in search of the pleasure center.

A study of 1804 female twins found there was no genetic evidence proving the existence of the G-spot. Rather, those 56 percent of the twins surveyed who reported having a G-spot were making it up in their heads. The study was performed by King's College in London and blamed social and psychological factors -- being extroverted or in a good relationship -- on believing in the "Big O" maker. Harumph! Who dares try to take our fun away? Well, these researchers actually believe women are feeling more insecure because society is telling them to look for something they may not have, rather than liberated. I'm interested in what you think (respond in a comment below please).

The G-spot, for those women who are still living in a dark closet with no vibrator, is a patch about 1.5 to 3 inches inside the vagina on the anterior wall (the wall towards your belly not towards your booty) that responds to stroking with giant waves of pleasure.

An Italian doctor, of course, found the spot (he claims) using an ultrasound back in 2008. Today, many doctors are refuting this British study that was based on a mere questionaire and not an actual double-blind study, which would make for great video really, so the results are left up to an extreme amount of interpretation and faulty data.

Sexologist Beverly Whipple, who was the first to coin the term G-spot (named after German gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg), told that the study had multiple flaws, including not asking the twins about digital (that's with fingers not robots) nor clitoral stimulation. Sounds like some fairly lame bedroom activity studying.  

So the verdict is still out on the G-spot, but as long as women, and men, are still conducting expeditions on their never-never regions (in private of course) than all is not lost.

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