Christopher @#$% Cross!

In this wickedly funny prank call (MP3) from the great Earles and Jensen, some hapless sap at the Sun Studios tour is subjected to the caustic diva-ism of one “Christopher fucking Cross” Jensen, actually whose ire is unleashed after he learns that the place won’t stay open to accommodate his after-hours visit. “You close for normal people at 6 o'clock!”

You may think it’s a bit presumptuous for the pudgy composer of soft-rock smashes such as “Sailing” and “Arthur’s Theme” to be lording it over the help like that. Sure he swept the table at the ’81 Grammies. But, c'mon, the dude hasn’t charted a hit since the early Reagan administration.

But after watching Cross — and a surprise bearded guest! — team up with the Roots for a charge through “Ride Like the Wind” on Jimmy Fallon’s “yacht rock” party last night, I’m inclined to indulge his fictitious rock star ego trips. (Seriously, I’d forgotten the guy could shred like that.)

Of course, as great as that song is, it doesn’t hold a candle to the quiet, gently propulsive majesty of Cross’s “Sailing."

Really smooth music, indeed.

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