Shark madness on Cape Cod: First-ever great whites tagged in Atlantic

Cape Cod Times interviews Canadian bikers about sharks: "Is that a shark? No, it's a dog."

Most of the time we hear about shark sightings on the Cape we're like, "Yawn, some harbormaster watched Jaws again, whatevs." So when our peoples in Chatham started calling us yesterday being like, "THERE'S SIX GREAT WHITES IN THE WATER" we were, to put it mildly, skeptical. Another way to put it would be that we told them to get a fucking grip and have another Corona light. 

Then we open up our interwebs this morning and there's honest-to-Jacques-Cousteau shark fucking mayhem going down on the Cape. Not only are there these photos of some badass fins, but scientists claim to have placed radio transponders on two confirmed eight-to-ten-foot-long Great Whites -- the first time anyone's successfully tagged one of these bad boys in the entire Atlantic ocean. 

We normally don't read the Cape Cod times, but we seriously recommend their shark-madness coverage. Shit is Onion-like in its intensity: 

Ron Chorzewski, 41, of Georgetown, inadvertently raised some eyebrows on the beach yesterday because of his shirt, which read "Shark Bite, Cape Cod."

"A couple at a yard sale asked me if I wore it on purpose," Chorzewski said. "But I just didn't realize it."


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